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The 5 best paintballs

best paintballs

Are you looking for the best paintballs? Paintball is one of the most enjoyable sport to play. An important component of this sport is the paintballs through which we shoot each other.

Paintballs are of great importance and sometimes choosing the right paintballs can be a game-changer for you. With high-quality paintballs, you can shoot your target quite accurately.

While the low-quality paintballs mostly get diverted from their targets. considering so much importance of paintballs, we have prepared this best paintballs list. It contains 5 of the best paintballs out there in the market and you will enjoy playing with them. So here they are:

5 best paintballs:

1. Valken Infinity pink colored Paintballs:

Valken Infinity pink colored Paintballs - best paintballs

The Valken Infinity pink-colored paintballs are at the top of the best paintballs list. These paintballs have pink color both on the outside and inside. These the really high-quality balls and they don’t divert from their target.

They go straight and explode directly on their targets. The Valken Infinity pink-colored paintballs deliver very good performance and they work easily with almost all types of paintball guns.

These paintballs are delivered in 2000 count cases which are protected by the cardboard divider to ensure the safety of each paintball.

These paintballs come at a very affordable price range and they deliver the best quality at this price point. They are highly recommended and you will not regret buying them.

2. Valken Infinity orange-colored Paintballs:

Valken Infinity orange colored Paintballs - best paintballs

Next up in the best paintballs list, we have the Valken Infinity orange-colored paintballs. These paintballs are offered by the same brand which was delivering the previous ones.

So color is the only difference between these orange-colored paintballs and the above pink-colored paintballs. Just like the previous ones, these ones are also made up of thick shell which prevents their explosion before hitting the target.

These ones also come with cardboard dividers that ensure their safety. The overall performance of these ones is also pretty good and their price point is also similar to the above ones.

3. Valken Infinity white-colored Paintballs:

Valken Infinity white colored Paintballs - best paintballs

Next up, we have the Valken Infinity white-colored Paintballs in our best paintballs list. As the name shows, these paintballs are white-colored from the outside and they also give white color on hitting the target.

These white-colored balls by Valken have almost the same features as the previous two in this list had. In fact, they are the same things just coming in white color.

The overall quality of these ones is also pretty good. They go straight and don’t divert from their target. Their price is also pretty much similar to the previous ones.

If you are somebody who was looking for Valken Infinity Paintballs in white color, then these ones are for you.

4. Valken Graffiti Paintballs:

Valken Graffiti Paintballs - 68cal - 2,000ct - Yellow Fill - best paintballs

The Valken Graffiti paintballs are the fourth ones on our best paintballs list. As the name suggests, these ones are also offered by the same brand, Valken. However, these are different from the previous ones.

The Valken Graffiti paintballs are one of the most accurate paintballs and it’s very hard to find a competitor to them at this price range. Although these balls have a different color from the outside, however, they come filled with yellow color on the inner side.

These paintballs have been designed for all types of battlefields ranging from recreational ones to the worldwide competition fields. The Valken Graffiti Paintballs also come with cardboard dividers that make sure of their safety.

They have a very shiny look and they break only on hitting the targets. The price of these paintballs is a little bit higher than the previous ones but these paintballs are completely worth the price.

5. GI Sportz XBALL paintballs:

GI Sportz XBALL paintballs - best paintballs

GI Sportz XBALL paintballs are the fifth and the last ones on our best paintballs list. These paintballs are offered by GI Sportz and they come as 500 counts and 1000 counts.

These paintballs come filled with Aqua color and they are great for general play, tournament practice, and scenario games. These are 0.68 caliber paintballs that work with almost all the paintball guns out there.

The shooting performance of GI Sportz XBALL paintballs is pretty decent. They went off straight and explode directly on their target. And you would rarely find a condition when a paintball breaks inside the marker.

Their outer shell is pretty durable. It comes with a covering of two different colors and it looks quite shiny. These are ana amazing and affordable paintballs and if you are looking for paintballs for general play, then you should definitely consider these ones.

Some FAQs

What paintballs hurt the most?

In my personal opinion, the paintballs that hurt the most will be the ones that are of high caliber and that don’t easily break on hitting the target. So, considering these factors, I think that you should go with the paintballs that are of .68 caliber and are reusable.

What is the most accurate paintball gun?

If you are also looking for the paintball guns and the ones that shoot most accurately, then have a look at the below ones. These are some of the most accurate paintballs known so far and they will definitely help you in increasing your game performance:

3. Does a longer paintball barrel increase accuracy?

Yes, a longer paintball barrel will increase the shooting accuracy, however, if you will increase the barrel length beyond a certain limit, then it will result in some drawbacks. Therefore, we will recommend you to buy a barrel that has a length between 12-16 inches as it will improve the shooting accuracy without causing any downsides.

4. Which paintball gun shoots the hardest?

If you’re looking for a paintball that shoots the hardest, then please have a look at the below ones. These are by far the most well-known paintballs through which you can shoot the hardest. Have a look at them:

So that is all from the “best paintballs” article. Please make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments down below. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and you may also like to read: best paintball guns under 200

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